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    To ensure that all fans and our guests have a fantastic time at the convention, we have implemented the following Walk of Fame Autograph Session Etiquette & Common Sense. Please make sure you read and follow them. Our hope is that everyone who wants an autograph from a guest will get one!

    1. The STGCC Team does not and cannot guarantee that you will receive an autograph from any particular guest. Whether fans receive an autograph depends on how quickly the line moves during the allotted time.
    2. All fans who have bought a ticket (be it a 2-day or 1-day pass) can access the STGCC Walk of Fame (WOF) Autograph Sessions on a complimentary basis. For fans with 1-day pass, you can only access the STGCC WOF for the same day you enter – obviously.
    3. The schedule of the WOF Autograph Session timing schedules is as set out in all STGCC marketing channels (website, electronic direct mails, and posts on Facebook/Twitter among others). While we endeavor to stick to the published schedule, please understand that schedules could change due to our guests. So, we encourage you to please regularly check the WOF schedule so that you do not miss out any session you desire.
    4. What will STGCC guests sign? In general, guests should be glad to sign any officially licensed and properly accredited products. Guests will NOT sign bootleg or unlicensed merchandise, nor material that is not properly accredited. Further, at each guest’s sole discretion, they may or may not choose to sign handmade, personal, or otherwise unusual items.
    5. If you are uncertain about a particular item, do check first with the STGCC staff present at each WOF Autograph Session! The STGCC staff has the right to determine any item as being unsuitable for signing. Please understand that such decisions are final as the STGCC staff act on behalf of the organizers of the event.
    6. Each guest is equipped with black markers to autograph items. Still, you may wish to bring your own desired pen or marker.
    7. Unless a specific limit is posted for a particular guest, assume that you are limited to maximum of TWO ITEMS PER PERSON per guest. The number of items may vary depending on the queue situation and this will be sensibly determined by the STGCC staff.
    8. Also, if you wish to have more items signed, please either re-queue at the back of the line or arrange to come back to the second slot for the WOF Autograph Sessions designated for the guest you wish to seek an autograph.
    9. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please have the item ready for signing when you are within sight of each guest.
    10. Do not request excessive personalization, sketches, etc. unless the guest agrees and the queue lines manageable. We should all be considerate that there may be others who share the same passion and interest to seek that guest’s autograph.
    11. Please note that for specific guests, there may be specific restrictions at their requests.
    12. Unless the guests agree, please note that there will be no photo opportunities. If the guests agree, please avoid using flash photography during WOF Autograph Sessions. Excessive exposure to camera flashes could be unpleasant.
    13. Please be courteous. Do not jump queues or attempt to do so. Do not shove. Do not monopolize the guest’s time if there are others waiting. Assume that whatever you have to say must be said in 30 seconds or less, while the guest is signing your item. It may be good idea to write down what you want to say.
    14. The STGCC team as organizers of the event reserves the right to refuse access to any attendee who fails to follow the rules (or attempts to circumvent them). Anyone caught in the act will be regarded as being disruptive and unfriendly and behaving counter to the spirit of a “love all, serve all” disposition, and risks being expelled from the show. We would loathe to do that but considering the wider good for the community, we may be compelled to do so.
    15. We will endeavor to update you of any changes to the schedule as soon as possible. With the present technology, join us on Facebook and stalk us on Instagram.
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